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Together We Can Make A Difference #safesecureseensoothed



Kol Haneshamot is an organization providing mentoring and support programs for parents of at-risk youth. 


Our Mission

Our Mission is to Empower Parents in creating a "Safe, Secure, Seen, and, Soothed" environment to help improve the lives of their children.


Each month, we welcome a guest lecturer  to help the community understand the struggles our children are going through.


Kol Haneshamot provides support for parents of at risk, middle and high school youth in the Jewish Community.

Group Discussion

Kol Haneshamot offers one-to-one sessions with our experienced mentors for parents throughout the year.

Every letter in the Torah corresponds to each and every Jewish Neshama. Whilst holding the Torah, we hold the collective Jewish soul in the palm of our hands. Just as each letter of the Torah is essential to its integrity — its absence invalidating the entire scroll — so is each and every Jewish Neshama of paramount significance. Like the letters in the Torah, every Jew embodies an integral and inseparable part of the Jewish people. Without labels or differences, regardless of background or affiliation, the Torah connects us to each other, one letter at a time, to be “One People.”

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My husband and I joined the Kol Haneshamot parent support group with Rabbi and Mrs Shimon Russell a year ago. We are absolutely hooked! We won't miss a class for anything.

The support group for parents that Kol Haneshamot has organized with Rabbi and Mrs. Russell has been life-transforming.

“Kol Haneshamot is about real PIKUACH NEFESH and there is no one in RBS who is providing anything close to what they do.”

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