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Healing Starts At Home

Kol HaNeshamot is the only organization focused on rebuilding the home atmosphere so the Child-At-Risk receives the support they need.

The world didn’t used to be this way.

Our kids face challenges that we’ve never met.  Unhealthy outlets that are as destructive as they are accessible, mental health challenges that seem to be discovered daily – all alongside the normal struggles of being a teen.


A child at risk means a family on edge.

Parents and siblings try everything.  But the more they implement what they’re told, the worse the situation becomes.

Structure breeds rebellion rather than security.

Prizes encourage manipulation rather than excitement.

Talking leads to shouting rather than sharing.


The child moves out.  The family is devastated and alone.

The home doesn't have to be this way

Using proven “crisis-chinuch” methods developed by Avi Fishoff of Twisted Parenting and Rabbi Shimon Russell LCSW, Kol HaNeshamot teaches parents to redefine their homes.


Families reach out to us, and a thorough intake is conducted.  Appropriate support groups are held for parents, siblings, and any other adults involved in the child’s life.  Classes and lectures expand the understanding of the child’s issues and our world at large.

We teach parents how to see things differently.

We show them that their home education can change.


We show them how to stop the fighting, quiet the yelling, and restore the love.


And then – only then – the child starts their own journey to healing and wellbeing.

A child must feel safe, secure, seen, and soothed.

Kol HaNeshamot works with trauma-trained professionals to create, implement, and monitor a tailor-made plan for each family.  We’ve developed a 4-stage mission for everyone who joins us:

  • Safe – Every child needs a connection to their home. In order to maintain that connection, the home must be a safe place.   We must forgo all criticism and arguments.

  • Secure – A child must know that his/her parents have their best interests in mind.  When a child sees a parent’s efforts to learn new tools to help them, a sense of security is developed.

  • Seen – A child is a whole world.  His/her opinions must be heard and respected.  We can’t force him/her into behaviors that we would prefer.

  • Soothed – When the child has their own challenge to deal with, the parents must be there to comfort him/her.  At that moment, guidance isn’t needed.  Warmth is the key.

“Tell them they saved my life”

Mother's Hug

One of our families worked hard to restore a peaceful feeling in their home, and their daughter showed marked improvement.


She came to her mother and asked, “Are you trying something new?”


Taken aback, the mother responded, “Yes, we are.  How did you know?”


“Well,” she said, “I feel a big difference.  You’ve changed.  You don’t yell at me anymore.  And I feel better when I’m here.”


After an emotional pause, she continued, “Tell the people you’re working with that they saved my life.”

Monthly events featuring experts in the field of mental health and chinuch teach us practical tools to relate to current issues and prevent future ones.

Professionally facilitated family groups as well as separate sessions only for mothers, fathers, and siblings, allow people to unburden themselves to others who truly understand.  Solutions are developed from working together and sharing the experience.

We consult with local rabbanim consistently, and encourage our families to speak to their own rabbanim as well.  “Crisis-chinuch” can be tricky, and we are here to help navigate at every step.

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