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"Crisis Chinuch" Seminar

An educational approach to dealing with adolescents and young people at risk.

Presented by: Rav Dan Tiomkin*

This course is geared to parents, mechanchim, rabanim, teachers, and profesionals.
According to the Netivot Shalom's, it is stated that there are two sets of rules in education. There is a set of rules for regular education, and there is a set of rules for "crisis education”. There are many professional and Torah sources for each approach, but when trying to deal with a teenager/adolescent with the wrong set of tools, one can lose him/her.
The rules of "regular" education are relatively familiar, and there is plenty of room for persuasion, rights and obligations, carrots and sticks. The rules of "crisis education” are less well known, and are backed up by many sources, among rabbanim and professionals in the field of education.

This 6 week course will change the way you think and act. Help create a “Safe, Secure, Seen and Soothed” environment for all our children.

* Dan Tiomkin, author of the book "בוסר המלאכים", which has received enthusiastic applaud from rabbanim and professionals in the field of education, has developed a comprehensive workshop explaining “crisis chinuch” and teaching the tools necessary to approach struggling children in a way that parents, mechanchim, and teachers can help our struggling teenagers/adolescents to become emotionally healthy and happy. 

Next Seminar/Workshop begining in April
Sundays: April 11th - May 9th
and May 23rd
Time: Doors Open 7:45 PM
Location: Hakshiva Bldg, Nachal Sorek 14, RBS A
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50 ILS Per Person for the entire course